Have A Sweet Valentine’s Day With Good Orthodontic Advice

Orthodontists Know How To Have A Happy Valentine's Day

The whole world loves love, and that’s why we celebrate Valentine’s Day in the first place. We want to share this often difficult to express emotion with those that mean the most to us. Love takes all kinds of different forms. The team at RJ Orthodontics would like to remind you that you can show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day by following a few simple rules. Take care of your teeth, and your teeth will continue to take care of you, and nothing is more beautiful on Valentine’s Day than knowing that you’ve got a mouth full of beautiful, healthy chompers.

At RJ Orthodontics, we know that the secret to healthy teeth rests in following a strict pattern of eating and dental care to protect those valuable braces and aligners that are so important to your well-being. Don’t go crazy with the sweets on Valentine’s Day! Instead come up with a plan to still celebrate the holiday while at the same time sticking to your orthodontist’s plan for you. Remember that no matter how sweet those treats are, having a mouth full of healthy, perfectly aligned teeth is even sweet. Here’s how you can protect your teeth even with all the chocolate treats tempting you this Valentine’s Day.

A Few Smart Tips to follow:

Dr. RJ wants you to enjoy Valentine’s Day to the fullest. That means enjoying the treats that are better for you. We recommend avoiding hard candies on Valentine’s Day. While these candies are fun and easy to eat, they’re much more harmful to your braces and aligners than eating soft chocolates. If you’ve got to indulge that sweet tooth, make sure you’re indulging in soft candies, not hard ones.

Valentine’s Day usually involves going out for a meal of some kind with a significant other. If you’ve got to have that romantic dinner, remember to stay away from sugary sodas during your meal. Stick with diet drinks, tea, or good old-fashioned water. Your braces and other orthodontic devices will thank you, and so will your teeth.

Your braces need you to show them a little love this Valentine’s Day, too. You’ll still need to follow a brushing routine. That means remembering to brush twice a day and floss once a day. If you stick to that routine, your braces are going to be in better shape, and your mouth is going to feel fresher and more natural. By the end of your treatment with our orthodontist, your teeth are going to feel, and look like a million bucks.

Enjoy the Holiday

We want you to enjoy Valentine’s Day to the fullest without going overboard. Indulge in things that are healthier for your dental health, and you’re going to really thank yourself later on. Braces are used to treat teeth overcrowding, jaw misalignment, gaps in teeth, and so much more. You initially started this treatment so that your teeth will look better, but that can only happen if you stick to your orthodontist’s plan.

Remember that braces and aligners are temporary treatments. One day you’re going to see the terrific benefits of having sought treatment with these devices. Your teeth will look and feel better and be healthier! This Valentine’s Day, please remember that you need to continue taking care of your dental health. Have a bit of soft chocolate, stick with tea or water, and make sure you remember to brush. Your teeth will love you for it.