Patient Testimonials

Tim Field

Dr. Jackson is really great every time we have to go for an appointment with my son. Him and his staff really make it an enjoyable process for braces. I would recommend to everyone if your think your child needs braces to check them out.

Nathan Martin

I met Dr. Jackson while my daughter was getting braces he asked me if I was interested in clear braces/aligners. He offered invisalign however I work for ClearCorrect a direct competitor to Align so we had to work out a compromise. After a great conversation he decided to do a test case with me. So far my teeth are moving according to the treatment plan. I am getting compliments from friends and family. The fact that he was attentive to my needs and demonstrated flexibility, sold me. In regards to my 10 year old daughter, her teeth look great. She use to have fanged teeth which prevented her from smiling, but after a few months she back to my pretty little girl with a great smile. My daughter is so happy Dr Jackson fixed her smile.
One more note Dr. Jackson’s staff has been so nice,welcoming, and knowledgeable that I am recommending several of my long time friends to his practice. As matter of fact I will be referring Dr. Jackson as much as I can because of the quality of work and service he provides. Check him out you will not regret him.

Mario Hollins

I am fairly new to Austin, as most people are these days, and finding good health care professionals that I can trust had proven to be a bigger challenge than I originally thought it would be… I met RJ at a restaurant, and felt comfortable right-a-way as he handed me his business card and offered to help me out during my transition. I moved here from Columbus Ohio where I lived for 5 years and because RJ is a graduate from the Ohio State University, we had something in common. I would consult with him about some dental work that I needed to complete and not only did he put together an invisalign retainer for me, but he recommended a great dentist whose work resulted a great smile.

Even after the referral RJ continue to monitor my progress by following up me step-by-step to make sure the work was done correctly and help guide me through the process. He made himself available for any questions I may come up with and the results are great. I would highly recommend RJ Orthodontics. My experience has been extremely valuable, and I believe RJ Orthodontics will deliver the same level of service to all of their clients.

Rebecca McMahon

We are so happy with the care and treatment both our children are getting at RJ Orthodontics. The staff is knowledgeable and caring and Dr. Jackson is great at explaining what is going to be done and both our kids feel at ease with him. I have recommended him to everyone and will continue to do so!

Lisa Thomas

We met Dr. Jackson when he checked my two boys’ teeth at Kids Dental Smiles. My 8 year old was ready to begin his orthodontic journey, my 6 year old needed some more teeth to grow in first. Dr. Jackson now sees my 8 year old at KDS. My 8 year old really likes him! I was impressed with him as well so I now see him at his 4 points office for Invisalign. We are all really happy with Dr. Jackson! He’s nice, friendly, funny, and he really listens to you! The icing on the cake is his office staff! Every one of the ladies we have worked with are so nice! I cannot recommend RJ Orthodontics highly enough!

Carmen Jaimez

Dr. Jackson and Audrey are fantastic. They have been seeing our 10yr old daughter to perfect her lower front teeth. Perfection is important to them and I love how they spend time describing the process and the expectations. We have fun at each visit and look forward to seeing them every time. Thanks for the friendly and professional care.

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