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Orthodontic Braces

Types of Braces

At RJ Orthodontics we are proud to offer advanced orthodontic treatment options to patients of all ages. Thanks to the latest breakthroughs in orthodontic technology, today’s patient can choose from a wide range of solutions, and we specialize in innovative care to provide more comfortable wear, accelerated treatment times and less time in the orthodontist’s chair. Whether you’re interested in clear braces, Invisalign or simply achieving your best smile possible, scheduling a consultation with Dr. RJ is the first step to finding the right solution for you.

Clear Braces

Clear Braces offer a treatment with the same efficiency and control of traditional orthodontics with a more aesthetic appearance. Due to the bracket’s clear nature, this is a very popular solution for adults, but is more fragile and at risk for discoloration between appointments.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are what come to mind when a patient thinks of “traditional braces.” They are the most common treatment type and have come a long way. Through these advancements, they are made of high-grade stainless steel, smaller and more comfortable for today’s patients.

Damon Braces


Damon Braces features the latest in orthodontic breakthroughs with their passive self-ligating technology. This innovative technology eliminates the need for elastics, so you will experience a shorter treatment time without tightening. They are discreet, comfortable and available for patients of all ages.

Incognito Braces


Incognito or lingual braces provide a different approach to traditional braces as they are attached to the backside (lingual or tongue side) of your teeth. This treatment is custom-designed for each tooth and due to the placement of the brackets is a completely concealed treatment.

Insignia Braces


While many orthodontic treatments use off-the-shelf components, Insignia braces are custom designed using computer technology to each individual patient. Your final results are determined before treatment begins and your optimal treatment plan is calculated so that you will experience minimal discomfort and fewer office visits.



Myobrace is a no-braces treatment option that utilizes a series of removable dental appliances worn 1-2 hours a day and overnight. This solution fixes tooth position while addressing the poor oral habits that are the underlying cause of misaligned teeth.

WildSmiles Braces

WildSmiles Braces are very similar to traditional braces with an added twist. With these braces, you will be able to interchange the brackets with your favorite shape and mix the brackets with colored elastics to match your personality. Additionally, WildSmiles braces are much more comfortable than clear, ceramic braces and are just as effective. Check out our design tool to create your own style using a variety of shapes, including:

WildSmile Braces Austin

Gold Braces

Gold Braces Orthodontist in Austin TexasGolden braces are in! They can add a set of sophistication and elegance to your smile while undergoing orthodontic treatment. If you choose to have gold braces, your stainless-steel braces will be covered with 24-karat gold. Many patients love this look. Since it can take almost two years before you can take them off, adding a nice touch of gold will keep your optimism high as you await the day you can take them off to show the world your perfect teeth.

An overview of gold braces

To begin the process of getting braces, you must schedule an initial consultation at RJ Orthodontics in Austin, TX. At this consultation, Dr. RJ Jackson will take measurements on your mouth. He will take x-rays and impressions to understand what state your mouth and teeth are in. At the end of your initial exam, Dr. RJ will craft a customized plan for you. He might suggest braces at this stage.

If Dr. RJ decides that braces are the right option for you, he will place small brackets on each of your teeth. Next, he will use wire and elastic rings to connect all of the brackets in your mouth together. This will result in him being able to form your teeth into the position you need for an ideal smile. After your braces have been placed, you will go back periodically to have your braces tightened or loosened. The goal is to correct the position of your teeth and to align the jaw.

Are the Braces really made out of gold?

You can’t actually get 100% gold braces. 24K gold is too soft to be able to straighten teeth. It would be almost like trying to pull together two heavy objects with a small piece of string. Additionally, it would be extremely expensive. The gold braces Dr. RJ offers is a strong metal that is coated with a layer of 24k gold. This will ensure that your braces will be strong enough to correct your teeth while giving you the appearance of having braces made out of gold. The metal will do the job while the gold will make it look amazing.

Gold Braces in Austin

One of the hardest parts for most patients will be finding an Austin Orthodontist that offers gold braces. While it is becoming popular, many doctors still cling to the tried and true silver braces. We invite you to request your complimentary initial exam with Dr. RJ.  We will thoroughly evaluate a smile and let you know if you are a candidate for braces…gold braces!

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