Teen Treatment

Orthodontics for Austin Teens

From taking your first steps to buying your first car, your smile will be there as you celebrate the happiest moments of your life. It is more than just one of your most important features; it is your trademark – the first thing people see when you arrive and the last thing they remember about you once you’ve gone.

So if your child is currently unhappy with their smile, don’t let them settle. Invest in a smile makeover at RJ Orthodontics with Dr. RJ.  With our compassionate care, quality service, and wide array of treatment options, there is no better doctor or practice you can trust with your child’s adolescent orthodontic treatment.

The Best Time for Orthodontic Treatment

At RJ Orthodontics, we utilize revolutionary orthodontic tools and techniques to improve smiles. In order to get the most out of these various forms of treatment, we recommend that individuals receive orthodontic care during their adolescent years (between ages 11 and 15). This is because, while you are never too old to go after a straight smile, it is much easier to straighten teeth and correct bites during this age period.

Treatment Options for Every Adolescent Smile

Dr. RJ and his team offer many different types of braces and band colors that are designed to make tooth correction as fun and easy as possible. Whether your child wants to add a pop of color to their braces, or prefers the inconspicuous look of Invisalign Teen, we have an orthodontic solution to meet their needs and lifestyle. A few teeth-straightening options that we offer include:

Orthodontic Treatment for Austin Teens