ALF Intra-Oral Appliance

The Advance Lightwire Functional intra-oral appliance (ALF) addresses the alignment of the bones using principles of cranial osteopathy.  Like no other orthodontic appliance, the ALF contributes to the physiological motion within the cranial and facial structures.  This motion can facilitate the whole body’s inherent healing potential and contribute to the improvement of physiological functions like breathing.  The ALF also addresses the dental arches form and development.  With wider dental arches it is easier to achieve a physiological tongue resting posture which provides continued support to the dental arch.  Treatments with the ALF appliance can prevent orthodontic teeth extractions and other oral-facial surgical procedures.

Advantages of ALF Appliance

  1. Generally more comfortable than braces
  2. Contributes to optimal facial development and airway health
  3. Barely visible
  4. Provides adequate room for proper tongue posture
  5. Improves other issues such as sleep apnea and TMJ disorders