Itero Digital Scanner

Introducing the iTero Element: Digital Intraoral Scanning

Dr. Jackson is among the few Orthodontists in Austin that uses the new iTero Element Scanner.  This scanner is a state-of-the-art digital impression system that eliminates the need for messy moldings. With our iTero Element Scanner, we can digitally capture a detailed 3D model of your teeth and gums. Not only is this process far more comfortable than the old putty based impressions, but iTero’s precision imaging enhances the accuracy and improves your final outcome by reducing the distortion associated with taking impressions.

During the digital scan, you can breathe or swallow as you normally would with no unpleasant taste or smell. You can even pause during the process if you need to sneeze or just want to ask a question. The scanner gives us a 3D model of your mouth that can be viewed onscreen immediately.

Once the scan is complete, Dr. Jackson will then have a 3D model of your mouth that can be used for a wide array of applications. This system is ideal for getting your Austin Invisalign aligners, orthodontic appliances, and retainers – all with faster delivery times!

The iTero element scanner also features an innovative tool, the Invisalign outcome simulator. View your simulated transformation & share in the excitement of seeing your new & improved smile right before your eyes!

iTero-Element Digital Impressions in Austin Texas