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Kids Club

A FUN club for kids where Dr. RJ not only monitors your child’s orthodontic development, but also hosts fun events such as bowling, laser tag, pizza parties, etc.

Children need to be monitored by a pediatric dentist AND an orthodontist. Pediatric dentists focus on the health of the teeth and gums while orthodontists focus on the growth and development of teeth and jaws. Pediatric dentists may notice some orthodontic problems, but only an orthodontist can give a comprehensive evaluation to determine proper development.

With x-rays, photos, and exams, Dr. RJ is able to monitor your child for optimal growth. Dr. RJ is one of the few orthodontists in Austin that specializes in orthodontic prevention.

Ages 5-10. Many orthodontic problems become apparent by age 8. Board-certified orthodontists are able to detect these problems as early as 5 years of age. Therefore the earlier Dr. RJ monitors your child the better. Early detection is key to preventing orthodontic problems from occurring.

RJ Orthodontics – At the intersection of 620/2222 in the professional office buildings behind Walgreens.

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Smile Rewards Rules

  • Bring your card to each appointment to receive rewards points
  • Replacement cards are available for a 10 point purchase
  • Rewards are given at regularly scheduled appointments
  • Points or gift cards are not redeemable for cash
  • Points and prizes are subject to change
  • Dental reward points are available when returning a completed dental certificate

Ways to earn points

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  • Bring membership card to appointment
  • Show your card at sibling’s appointment
  • Participate in a Kids Club Activity
  • Each baby tooth lost
  • Tell us the story of how you lost your tooth
  • Bring in a completed brushing chart and much more!