Treating open bites at RJ Orthodontics

Open Bite in Austin Texas by RJ Orthodontics

What Is an Open Bite?

Unless you hang around with orthodontists, ‘malocclusion’ is probably not a term you are familiar with. But the four syllable, twelve letter word is not as scary as it looks😊 In fact, the definition is really quite simple. Malocclusions (or bad bites) refer to problems may also one’s ability to chew their food, bite and even speak normally. Some examples of bad bites include overbites, cross-bites, underbites and open bites. In this blog, we will discuss open bites and how Austin Orthodontist, Dr. RJ Jackson can treat open-bite cases successfully with traditional braces or clear aligners, commonly known as Invisalign.

Open bites are characterized by a vertical gap between the front and lower teeth, when the person is biting down. The back teeth touch before the front teeth have a chance to come together. This type of bite can make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to completely bite through certain foods. Just imagine taking a bite of a sandwich and only making it halfway through!

In an Open Bite, there is a vertical gap between the front upper and lower teeth when a person is biting down as far as they can.

Open Bite Correction in Austin Texas by RJ Orthodontics

Open bites can be caused by abnormalities with the position of the jaws, the teeth, or a combination of the two. These can develop due to genetics, habits (such as a thumb or finger-sucking habit), severe airway issues (such as the inability to breathe through your nose for along period of time), or abnormally resting your tongue against your front teeth, causing them to flair forward.

Open Bite Treatment

Treatment of an open bite can come in many forms. If a thumb-sucking habit is playing a part in the bite problem, stopping the habit as soon as possible is key. Open bites can be corrected with braces or clear aligner therapy such as Invisalign. Treatment usually involves moving the front teeth down, the back teeth up, or a combination of the two. In some cases, jaw surgery can be needed to completely correct an open bite.

Making the decision on whether to correct an open bite with braces or aligners requires a consultation with a certified orthodontic specialist, such as Dr. RJ Jackson.  Dr. RJ can diagnose the cause and severity of the malocclusion and make treatment recommendations that are right for you. Please visit RJ Orthodontics for a free consultation. We offer convenient hours and no interest financing.