Preventive Orthodontics

Preventative Orthodontics for Austin TX Children

In children, baby teeth help guide their permanent teeth into their correct positions. However, there are many events that can prevent permanent teeth from emerging into their desired positions. These can include crowding or trauma or a host of other issues. At RJ Orthodontics, we specialize in preventive orthodontics so that early problems in your child’s dental health don’t become more complicated as they grow up.

Preventive braces are designed mainly for children between ages seven and nine. They allow for enough space for the permanent teeth that will come in later. Preventive braces also correct incorrect bites, teeth crowding, and jaw misalignment.

Austin Orthodontist, Dr. RJ Jackson often treats children with preventive braces to guard against future issues.

The Most Common Preventive Orthodontic Treatment for Young Children Are Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are often used for children who have missing baby teeth due to:

  • Missing teeth from some type of trauma or accident
  • Tooth extraction caused by decay
  • Teeth that never emerged
  • Any type of disease or condition that affects a child’s teeth indirectly
  • Tongue Crib

Teeth alignment can be affected when children thrust their tongues forward or suck their thumbs. A tongue crib is a wire running along the back of the teeth. It is attached using rings that are aligned with back teeth in order to keep the tongue from moving forward. Otherwise, teeth can be pushed out of alignment.

Dr. RJ Jackson and his experienced staff are well trained in the treatment of children who require preventive orthodontics. Dr. RJ routinely applies preventive braces for many children. If you are concerned about the alignment of your child’s teeth, please get in touch with us and explore treatment options with a complimentary consultation.

Age 6 Is Considered the Optimal Time for Screening

By the age of 6, the first adult molars erupt, establishing the back bite. During this time, Dr. RJ  can evaluate front-to-back and side-to-side tooth relationships. For example, the presence of erupting incisors can indicate possible overbite, open bite, crowding or gummy smiles. Timely screening increases the chances for an incredible smile.

Direct Results of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Some of the most direct results of interceptive treatment are:

  • Creating room for crowded, erupting teeth
  • Creating facial symmetry through influencing jaw growth
  • Reducing the risk of trauma to protruding front teeth
  • Preserving space for unerupted teeth
  • Reducing the need for tooth removal
  • Reducing treatment time with braces

For more information about early treatment for your child, contact us for a complimentary consultation.