Orthodontists’ advice on best practices to keep your teeth healthy while wearing braces

Are you planning to have braces installed in your teeth in 2021? The year 2021 is here with us, and everyone has some new resolutions on how to keep their teeth healthy. Braces do improve your general outlook whenever you smile. Braces are for aligning teeth and solving dental problems such as underbite, overbite, and gap. If you have planned to have your braces in 2021, you also need to know how to keep your mouth healthy.

The following are tips to maintain healthy teeth while wearing braces:

1. Brush teeth diligently.
Good oral health is kept by ensuring that you brush your teeth regularly, at least thrice a day. When eating food, food particles may stack in the braces, raising more chances of your teeth decomposing. It is, therefore, vital for you to brush your teeth immediately after every meal. It would be best to use a soft-bristled toothbrush while cleaning your teeth to avoid interfering with your braces. Regular brushing will keep both your gums and teeth healthy, hence avoiding gum and teeth infections. When brushing, focus on the space around the brace and remove any trace of food around. Do not forget to choose the best toothpaste and toothbrush to clean your teeth effectively.

2. Flossing of teeth regularly.
Flossing should occur regularly, at least twice a day. You should floss every tooth in the mouth. When flossing, follow your orthodontist’s instructions. Flossing is from the top to the bottom of the tooth next to the gum. After flossing, rinses your mouth well to get out food particles from the mouth’s stubborn areas.

3. Always wear the mouth guard.
Installing braces in your mouth doesn’t mean an end to your world. If you love participating in sports, you may continue engaging in sports. You will therefore have to talk to your orthodontist to be assigned a mouthguard. Mouthguards are crucial if you are an athlete as they protect your teeth and your appliances from getting damaged while engaging in your favorite sporting activity. If you participate in sports without a mouthguard, you will risk having jaw fractures. Mouthguards are available in customized orders to fit your needs. Contact your dentist for customization.

4. Avoid chewy, sticky, and hard foods.
Chewy, sticky, and hardy meals are not suitable for your braces. Sticky meals are not advisable as they make teeth cleaning a nightmare hence wearing off your braces. Hardy foods are capable of pulling, bending, loosening, or breaking wires in your braces. Such meals may cause pain, especially within the first few weeks after their installation. It will be advisable to always look for easy to chew food.

5. Go for orthodontic appointments.
Upon installation of braces, remember to have regular check-ups and have cleaning of braces by your orthodontist. A dental cleaning removes any formation of plaques in your teeth. During the appointments, the orthodontist will also adjust the wires to ensure the teeth align themselves well. Identification of broken or loose braces occurs during the appointments.

6. Smile regularly throughout the day.
Smiling helps in aligning the teeth accordingly. When smiling, you stretch your teeth; hence they move and aid in alignment. Smiling will also freshen your breath as misaligned and crooked teeth produce a terrible smell.

Our experienced team at RJ Orthodontics is here to offer our services and assistance when you need additional tips. Feel free to contact our team at your convenience to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to seeing you smile in the new year!