Teen Orthodontics for Lifelong Health

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Wearing braces during the teen years is practically a rite of passage. When most Austinites begin to consider braces for their children, the first thing they think about is fixing the appearance of their child’s teeth. While aesthetics are certainly important in life, did you know that there are life long health benefits to having a beautiful smile?

Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Everyone knows that good oral hygiene is important for the life-long care of your teeth. But did you know that good brushing and flossing habits can reduce the risk of heart disease later in life? Properly aligned teeth make it easier to reach areas in your mouth to ensure great brushing and flossing technique. This, in turn, helps ensure great oral hygiene throughout life.

Good digestive health begins with the breakdown of food in the mouth. A properly aligned bite can help you chew food properly which helps with the digestion and processing of foods. This increases nutrient absorption, which will have a life long effect on your child’s health.

Alleviating Pain

Over time, a misaligned bite can produce jaw pain and neck pain due to chewing foods improperly. Correcting your child’s bite can help avoid painful jaw adjustments in the future and can also reduce the need for medications to alleviate these types pain.

Mental Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

The aesthetic benefits of a properly aligned jaw and teeth are a great benefit to your child’s self esteem. Many teens feels embarrassed about their smile. This can lead to isolation from friends and social activities, which can lower self esteem. Being able to smile at those around them will give your child confidence, which has a positive effect on their mental health.

Starting Early

Beginning orthodontic treatment early on is very important. Early treatment can mean an easier process and access to more options.

Many teens worry about how braces will look. An early start can mean more discreet options. In many cases, no one is aware that they are even undergoing treatment.

Starting treatment early can help avoid expensive and complicated surgeries. Less surgeries can mean shorter treatment times and certainly less discomfort for your child.

There are many options available for orthodontic treatment that didn’t exist even 10 years ago. RJ Orthodontics in Austin, Texas will be able to tell you whether treatment is needed and what choices are available to give your teen a healthy, beautiful smile.

Orthodontic treatment is an investment in the future of your child’s health. Call to schedule a consultation today and get started on the road to a healthy smile.