RJ Orthodontics Celebrates National Orthodontic Health Month

RJ Orthodontics in Austin Celebrates National Orthodontic Health Month

Along with Halloween, the month of October is also widely recognized as National Orthodontic Health Month! Now is the time to appreciate all the stunning smiles created through the use of orthodontic processes, learn more about solid oral health habits, and discover what orthodontic procedures might be able to do for you.

A fundamental fact about orthodontic treatment is that it can address an array of dental issues, including crowded teeth, crooked or protruding teeth, and even issues with improper bite alignment. These are all concerns that, if allowed to persist, have the potential to lead to additional problems such as gum disease, tooth decay, tooth loss, and jaw disorders.

Commonly utilized as part of orthodontic treatment are things like invisible aligners as well as traditional braces, which work to bring teeth into an optimal alignment. Upon completion of this type of process, patients are often given retainers to use as a means to maintain the new position of the teeth as the jaw bones and gum tissues begin to adapt and surround them.

A common misperception about orthodontic treatment is that it is primarily suited for teens and children. The fact is, however, that growing numbers of adults are turning to orthodontics as a way to finally take care of problems they have had for years or to address issues that have developed more recently. Over a million patients in the adult age-range are now receiving treatment of this type.

If orthodontic treatment is currently part of your life, the American Association of Orthodontists has put together some useful advice to get you through the treat-heavy Halloween season without your braces and other appliances suffering serious damage.

First, make sure to avoid some stickier, crunchier, and chewier Halloween goodies. Avoid items like gummy candies, caramels, jelly beans, and the like. While these are certainly plentiful during this time of year, not to mention tempting, the sooner you successfully complete your course of orthodontic treatment without issue, the sooner you will be able to indulge in these candies without worry.

Further, make it a point to steer clear of hard items such as candied apples, nuts, and similar items that have the potential to cause bracket breakage or bend wires on your braces.

Lastly, make certain to put an extra emphasis on your brushing and flossing routines during this season of heavy gluttony. This is particularly critical for orthodontic patients who have eaten a great deal of foods that are high in starch or sugar. Removing this kind of residue from every crevice of the teeth and the braces is important in the fight against tooth decay.

To learn more about the terrific things orthodontic treatment can do, take a look at the Mouth Healthy website created by the American Dental Association. Also, if you think orthodontic treatment might be right for you or a family member, be sure to discuss with Dr. RJ all the amazing options that might suit your specific situation and needs