Getting the Most from Your Orthodontic Health Insurance

Getting the most from your orthodontic insurance plan in austin

Now that the holiday season has arrived, just a few weeks separates us from the new year. And in keeping with the image of rebirth and regeneration that New Year’s stands for, a lot of insurance plans are reset after December 31st. This basically means that if you still haven’t used up the dental benefits that come with your health coverage when the end of the year gets here, any of your benefits left over from the year will just vanish. The purpose of this article is to fill you in on the best way to prevent that from happening. Following that, you’ll learn why right now really is the perfect time to put money into your smile.

Putting Your Dental Benefits to Work

When you receive or pay for dental insurance, you are usually allocated a specific amount of money for dental treatment, so it’s to your advantage to visit RJ Orthodontics in Austin Texas to receive your 100% free consultation with Dr. RJ Jackson. All things considered, the one thing that tops getting a vibrant, cheery new smile is learning your insurance carrier will pay for at least some of the expense!

You Really Can Afford a Beautiful Smile

Our New Year’s pledge at RJ Orthodontics Austin is the same year after year: A resolve to making sure you achieve the smile that fully expresses your inner beauty. And since we believe it’s necessary to stick to our promises, we offer our clients a variety of financial programs and payment plans. One example is our no-interest financing plan that we provide to patients, which can enable you to enjoy a whole new, stunning smile and make convenient payment installments.

Don’t Wait to Explore the Many Options Available to You!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to celebrate New Year’s with a brand-new smile? More to the point, doesn’t it make sense to have your remaining yearly coverage benefits take care of some of your dental expenses? For more information on beginning your quest for a more balanced and expressive smile, get in touch with RJ Orthodontics today and let us brighten up your teeth – and your New Year!

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