6 Common Questions For Your Austin Orthodontist

If your Austin orthodontist has told you that you are going to need braces, you are sure to have questions. You’re probably wondering if you are going to have traditional metal braces and brackets or if you will be able to go with Invisalign clear aligners. The length of treatment is another concern that must be on your mind. What kind of braces you will have and how long your course of treatment will be, is based on your teeth and what they need to create a smile transformation. However, some general questions apply to everyone and can help you to prepare yourself for the road ahead to a beautiful set of pearly whites.

What Kind of Food Can You Have with Braces?

When you get your braces, regardless of what kind, your teeth are going to be tender. You are applying pressure to your teeth that will gently shift them into the proper position. It will take time for your mouth to adjust. Go with foods that are soft until your teeth no longer ache. You can also take pain relievers that are available over the counter. Once you are used to your braces, you can have practically anything. The only things you should avoid are extremely chewy or hard foods. Gum, popcorn, taffy, and nuts are not recommended. You may also find it easier to cut certain foods into small pieces, such as apples, carrots, and corn on the cob.

Will Your Speech Change with Braces?

You do not need to worry about your speech when you get braces. When your braces are first put on and your mouth is sore, you may speak a little differently. The same may be true if you have a palatal expander. Otherwise, your speech will be the same as always. In some cases, you may speak more clearly once your teeth have properly adjusted.

Will Braces Get in the Way of Sports?

Braces are not going to change your lifestyle. You can still be as active as you have always been. If you play any kind of contact sports, you can cover your braces with a mouth guard. You can choose a generic mouth guard that is available in the store or online. You can also ask your Austin orthodontist for a mouth guard that is tailored to fit your mouth.

Can You Keep Playing Your Favorite Instrument with Braces?

Your mouth is going to feel strange when you first get braces. It might be painful. However, your gums and the tissue inside your mouth will heal. As they do, you will be able to get used to playing your musical instrument once again.

How Should You Brush Your Teeth?

You should plan on brushing after every meal with braces to make sure that nothing is stuck in your teeth. You should take your time and be sure to be thorough. Flossing should continue as well. You can ask your orthodontist about brushes and other cleaning tools that are beneficial for braces to make sure your teeth stay healthy.

Should You Be in Pain?

Most patients worry that braces will be painful. It’s only in the beginning that braces make your teeth sore and when you have adjustments to your braces. Otherwise, you will get used to it. Every step along the way will be worth it when you see the final results.